Review: Naruto


Alright this is going to be one long review so I probably will add more to it later on since I can’t possibly talk about all I want without taking a couple days. Also, I don’t feel like taking a couple days to talk about one anime when there’s so much others to review about too :P.

Let’s start with some of my random thoughts on Naruto. First I thought it was basically a copy of DBZ, because of how Masashi Kishimoto was a huge fan of DBZ. You can tell he is because Naruto has the same color scheme as Goku and Sasuke has the same color scheme as Vegeta. However, as I continued to read/watch Naruto I began to feel differently about it.

I’ll just give a quick overview and then add more to it later.

Overall I think Naruto (includes Shippuden) is a solid 1-2, as in 1st or 2nd place when it comes to ranking. Naruto is clearly one of the main pillars of Jump, and I can’t even imagine what Jump will be like when Naruto ends and I don’t want to think about it right now since it’s sooo goood, and it’s the worst feeling when something ends.

For all those anime fans out there, I don’t care if you think people who watch Naruto are Narutards or you just don’t want to watch it, but being one of the main manga/anime that’s supporting Jump, it’s more of an obligation to watch/read it.

(More to come later)


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