Review: One Piece


So real quick, I think Oda is fantastic hands down. His ability to read so far into the future and just plan out things accordingly, to me, is nothing short of amazing. Now One Piece, to me personally, I like it better then Naruto/Bleach (spoiler for next pillar :P). However the thing with One Piece is that it’s not a solid 1-2 all the time. It’s sometimes a 3, but just the general way Oda played out the story some places are lack lusting but it’s never for without a reason.

I don’t want to spend so much of my time posting, but to praise Oda even more he made his main protagonist Luffy, a rubber man. Now let’s take a step back and look at this ability. A rubber man? x.x C’mon it’s not even cool at all! Maybe if it was fire or ice, but who would have thought rubber?! BUT that’s just what makes Oda a genius. The amount of time Luffy developed his skils and all the different gears he can pull out only can/does make sense with the ability of rubber, who would’ve thought having a rubber body would have so much potential? I know I didn’t.

But yeah, I’ll add more on this post later, but I had to just get it out there. AND it’s a pet peeve of mine when people say “Ohh I want to start it, but it’s just too long for me to catch up” I really just shake my head. If you are a fan of anime, it’s just more or less an obligation to watch one of our generation’s best animation.


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