Review: Bleach


Now I know what people have thought of Bleach recently and no matter how much criticism it got, the fact that it has made it this far is enough for me to put it as a pillar of Jump. The anime has ended and the manga is seeing its final arc, so sooner or later Jump will be missing one of its more recognized titles. There’s a lot to say but I’ll condense it to a few paragraphs.

Bleach really had its major ups and downs. Some say it’s on the decline, but the final arc is proving to be a fantastic final stand to end it a great way…I hope. Haha, but moving on the characters involved in the anime/manga prove to be most memorable to the Gotei, the Arrancar, and just the main crew consisting of Ichigo, Sado, Inoue, and Ishida.

Even though it’s been losing less and less popularity it will still eventually be really sad to lose something that has been going on for so long :(. So let’s just all enjoy some of the lasts chapters that Bleach will be producing and hope Bleach will end later rather then sooner.

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