Review: Gintama


Now I’ve talked about Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece and now comes to one of my favorite animes to date which is Gintama <3_<3

Oh my god when I tell you how much I love this anime. I’m a fan of comedy and Gintama delivers hard. There are so many episodes that just revolve around random stuff, but the one thing in this anime that strikes me as amazing is that I don’t even know when an episode is a filler. I swear I thought most of them were fillers until I watched an episode where every single “filler” character showed up to protect there town.

Now that caught me off guard and from then I loved it even more because everyone who makes up the town will forever be a part of the town. It’s amazing to see Gintama break the fourth wall countless times and just makes my day.

When I recommend Gintama to my friends I would say it’s the Family Guy of Japan, but then after awhile the comparison doesn’t do Gintama justice so all I say now is that “it’s probably my favorite anime.”

Every moment in Gintama is priceless and all I wish is that people can share the same joy in an episode as much as I do.


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