Weekly Joys: [3/3/13 – 3/9/13]

This’ll be posts about what I’ve been watching/reading for the past week.

To start off I recently read:
Naruto – 623
Bleach – 529
One Piece – 701
Strongest Disciple Kenichi – 513
The Breaker: New Waves – 108
New Prince of Tennis – 81
Mahou Sensei Negima! – 281

I ended up re-reading:
Eyeshield 21 and Love Hina (well the endings to both of them) 😛

I also watched:
Gintama – (Up to date)
Psycho-Pass – 2
Eyeshield 21 – (End)
Ben-To – 12 (End)
Hunter x Hunter – 69
Zetsuen no Tempest – 21
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 21

Manga Overall:
Overall this week was pretty decent. The best rivalry or character arc this week has to go to Naruto between Uchiha and Senju hands down. Bleach was alright, just enjoying what’s given to me and One Piece is currently plateauing for me right now, not too much and not too little.

Strongest Disciple Kenichi is doing pretty well, but I’ll hand over the weekly martial arts chapter to The Breaker: New Waves. They always keep me wanting more and I hate it 😡 & for New Prince of Tennis & Mahou Sensei Negima!, I’m just catching myself up.

I’d like to say Eyeshield 21 and Love Hina had some pretty nice endings. I loved Love Hina’s since it was probably one of the first romance mangas I’ve read and I just felt so nostalgic x]

Anime Overall:
Gintama classics are fine, but I want the meaty new arcs! One of my friends recommended Ben-To and I got hooked instantly pretty funny and short, something I needed. Just picking up Psycho-Pass, has potential for now. But the one’s I look forward to each week probably has to be Zetsuen no Tempest or Hunter x Hunter. Kanojo is enjoyable, but I only watching it right now to see the development between Rita and Ryuunosuke.

Hunter x Hunter is soo good, I enjoy it very much, but the weekly anime to look forward too has to be Zetsuen no Tempest. The plot twists just gives me so much joy ❤


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