Review: YuYu Hakusho


This is quite an old gem so I would like to bring it back. Probably one of the best animes from the 90s and the dub of the animation does it quite the justice. There’s a huge argument sometimes that revolve around Japanese Dub vs. American Dub and hands down YuYu Hakusho’s American Dub was spot-on.

But moving away from the audio, the storyline and plot of the show was really good. A good amount of action with hints of romance does the series wonders. The characters are so well likeable and relateable. The main character Yusuke is such a boss.

I usually hate it when an anime ends, but the ending to YuYu Hakusho was so satisfying. If you’re an action,adventure demon slaying junkie, and you haven’t seen YuYu Hakusho or finished it yet, then what are you waiting for?


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