Review: Katekyo Hitman Reborn


I have a hate/love relationship with this anime and its manga. I loved it when I found out that this anime was once a comedy, but ended up turning into a full blown action genre. The characters were enjoyable, but the development seemed to keep recycling the arcs like Bleach, where Tsuna would fight someone strong, lose, get stronger, and win.

For a Shonen like Hitman Reborn it was acceptable to do so, and the arcs even though we could see what was coming was enjoyable with all the new gears/weapons and characters.  The ending to the anime was fine, but the ending to the manga was something I would rather not talk about since it was soooo just BLAH

I think everyone who read Hitman Reborn and followed it throughout the whole series might agree with me in saying that they could’ve done more with the ending. I read that the mangaku didn’t really like Hitman Reborn as she felt it was drawn out, but she could’ve atleast, in my opinion, ended it with someone more.

I just ended up ranting more then reviewing, but after all that is said and done I would say Hitman Reborn will still be a great anime to watch and to read because of how much we can see the characters develop though each arc.

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