Review: Slam Dunk

slam dunk anime review

So time for some SPORTS ANIME REVIEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and what better way to start of a sport any review then one of the best sports anime/manga to this date Slam Dunk. There’s only so many handful of anime’s out that pump me up when it comes to sports ans Slam Dunk is one of them. You know you’ve made a successful sport anime/manga when the people who watch/read it end up doing the sport because of your work then that’s something to be proud of.

The main character Sakuragi Hanamichi is such a powerful character whose development throughout the whole series just gives me the goosebumps. His emotion, dedication, and overall potential within the anime was outstanding. Each and every character themselves are powerful and special in their own way and it wouldn’t be Slam Dunk if any of them were missing.

The romance in the anime is lack lusting, but overall provides a nice stable/comedic go to type fallback and is just an enjoyable experience. But overall Slam Dunk is an anime that all sports junkies should watch even if you’re not a basketball fan, by the end of this series you will be.


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