Review: Dragon Ball Z


Damnnn, this is probably the anime that started it all. I would be in total shock, if there was any person out there who’s watched anime, but hasn’t seen DBZ yet. This is the go to anime back in the day on Toonami. Basically the only down side to the show was that one fight could last 6 episodes, but that didn’t matter to me as much during my childhood only because that’s what got me hoooooooked.

You had action, martial arts, power, romance, the Kamehameha waves, super saiyans, ss2, ss3, ss4, and tons and tons of characters and villains to hate and love and would also appear every now and then in the movies and later arcs.

Overall, even if you had the long drawn out fights, anime in America wouldn’t have become so popular, in my opinion, without Dragon Ball Z. Who doesn’t love the loveable Goku?


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