Review: Prince of Tennis


Niiiiiice, time for some Prince of Tennis. I would assume this is one of the more famous sports anime next to Slam Dunk because of all the success it’s had so much that after the manga, they made a sequel to it New Prince of Tennis. Probably one of my very first anime that I’ve watched. This anime was so ridiculous at times it made it that more enjoyable. Made Tennis so fun to watch that I actually went and played Tennis in High School haha, trying to do all the things they did.

Now what I like about this anime is the vast cast of characters they have. But what I like even more is that even though there’s so many characters we get to know them personally and their hardships, and they’re not just placed there as Seigaku’s stepping stone. I love the deep storyline each character has, each doubles have, it’s just overall a great cast.

If you don’t have an interest in Tennis or if you do this is the anime to watch because it’ll be worth your time and trust me, you will grow to love each casts’s personality.


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