Review: Air Gear


This review will be about the Manga and not the anime which left a lot to be desired. When it comes to Air Gear, there’s so much that goes on in the story. The biggest reason why I love Air Gear is the characters, and the character development and art style of the piece. If you didn’t already know Air Gear is a manga about riding on motor powered roller skates that can scale walls and go incredibly fast.

Air Gear has a ton of content and quite honestly if you don’t read it close enough you might get lost through all the text and backstory. Though I love all the equioment and sepcial set of skills they have and the different roads they can take.

If you haven’t read Air Gear then you should check it out, it’s quite unique in the plot/setting and the overall pace of the story flows quite nicely. I don’t think there will be another manga quite like this one for a long time.

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