Review: No Game No Life


Having been one of the new animes that had come out this spring/summer I was skeptical at first at the ratings and hype that it got. However after watching it I realized that the hype was real and that this anime truly grasped everything that I like in an anime.

I won’t go into much detail like usual but the gist of the anime lies within the idea that the world we live in might not be the only world out there. What if we were born into the wrong world? This anime plays on the idea and strips a brother and sister out of the current world, where they nothing but neets, and puts them into a whole new world where they use the gaming knowledge to advance within the ranks and play this game called “life” out.

Having been a fan of this type of anime for awhile, I found it to be a breath of fresh air even though the idea has been done and animated already. The plot and story is straightforward, but it’s the main character duo that really sets this anime apart from the other game fantasy genres. Even though both of them are superior in games, they have many social flaws would helps connect the watchers to the characters and empathize with them.

Overall I enjoy this anime very much and hope to see a second season soon!


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