Review: Gundam Build Fighters


WOW so I realized that I haven’t posted a review on ANY Gundam series which is super odd, since Gundam and the Sunrise franchise
has been around for as long as I can remember. I’ll get to posting one of my favorite Gundam series at a later date because currently
I just finished this series and it’s fresh in my mind.

The it was short the main characters Sei Iori and Reiji made a long lasting impact on me. Though I must admit at first I wasn’t a big
fan of the two, they soon grew on me. Not only did their skill improve, but their characters developed quite nicely and I was able
to see a glimpse of what kind of people they were.

The plot of the anime was quick paced, and had many questions left unanswered, but it didn’t hinder the action packed, intense fights that
the show was able to tastefully animate. The soundtrack proved to be fantastic since it got me all hyped up for every battle. All I can say about the final verdict is that i hope season 2 comes quick since I’m itching to see how the story develops from here on out!


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