Review: Sengoku Basara


If you’re into non-stop action, over exaggerated fight scenes, and some over the top voice acting then this is the anime for you! The anime revolves around the historical side of Japan back in the times of the samurai with lords and nobles.

I LOVE Sengoku Basara because of the soundtrack and action and the loveable characters. Each character is so unique and has such redeeming qualities. There really isn’t much more to say about Sengoku Basara though. The storyline is pretty straightforward and short, but the craziness of the series more then makes up for it.

SO if you need a time killer and just want to watch meaningless action then Sengoku Basara is the anime for you šŸ˜€

2 responses to “Review: Sengoku Basara

  1. My best friend and I found this a couple of years ago and I forgot the name of it. Thanks for posting a review. I hope I’m able to get back into it šŸ™‚

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