Review: Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko No Basket

If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews 😛 I’ve said that I’m a huge sports anime fan. The reason why I love sports anime so much is the youth, teams, and the different characters and personalities that come with each sport anime. There are soooooo many characters that I love the diversity.

Now what makes Kuroko no Basket so loveable is the main character Kuroko. He’s not you’re typical Shonen protagonist, but everything about him is sooo cool and very Shonen-like which is amazing. The author did a really good job in introducing Kuroko.

It’s a typical sports anime that follow some basic structure, team gets strong rookies/freshmen -> get stronger -> play a strong team/wins -> meets a stronger team -> old member comes back to team. But even though you expect all these things, it’s still interesting nonetheless, so if you’re a sports fan like me then KnB is the anime for you!

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