Review: Bakumatsu Rock


Back once again to give you all another anime to think about if you’re having trouble deciding on what to watch next! This right here my friends is a neat lil’ ole anime called Bakumatsu Rock. Well technically it’s not old because it came out quite recently, however, what I love about this anime is that it wasn’t mainstream. There’s a big reason why I enjoy watching nonmainstream anime and that’s because it doesn’t get overly hyped or people don’t talk and spoil things for me when I’m with them.

So since this wasn’t mainstream I came into not knowing too much about it besides watching the opening anime. It’s basically about the old samurai days, but instead of with swords, they battle with music in a sense. There were so many ridiculous and over the top scenes that it made it really enjoyable to watch after watching all the other serious animes.

In conclusion 😛 if you love music, easy going, and over the top light hearted animes than you should definitely check out this anime. Don’t go watching it looking for some crazy in depth plot, since you definitely won’t be getting any of that here.


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