Review: Log Horizon

I can not believe I haven’t posted a review for Log Horizon yet! It is by far one of my favorite animes to date. It is much different from Sword Art Online and shouldn’t be compared to it as both animes are completely different in plot and how the handle the idea of “virtual mmorp.”

The main character Shiroe is probably one of my favorite protagonist in any anime series. His demeanor and how the portray him is so different from most animes. If I had to compare him he’s like L + Lelouch very smart and evil, but still loveable.

Overall the plot is very interesting and it’s only going to get better with season 2. Hopefully it doesn’t end too soon, with too much left unanswered! I’m looking forward to each character development~ So if you enjoy fantasy, game, action genres then I highly recommend this anime to you!

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